22nd July 2016



Owning ‘normal’ motorcycle insurance even if it is fully comprehensive is not enough to work as a motorcycle courier and be insured. This is something to consider when choosing a motorcycle courier service to transport your valuable and time sensitive items.

CK Motorcycle Courier riders are covered by specialist ‘ Motorcycle Courier Insurance ‘ and goods in transit insurance up to the value of £10,000. Our riders carry photo identification, full motorcycle driving licenses as well as full insurance documentation which can be produced by the rider upon request.


Our riders will arrive at your collection address and travel directly to the destination. Every effort will be made to contact and hand the package/document to the desired recipient. A phone call will be made to you to confirm this or to pass the details of whom the package was handed to with the time. We will wait either at the location or nearby until the document is ready to return to you.

This service enables your operation to complete business more efficiently and effectively which may have otherwise taken several days. We understand the responsibility of acting as an ambassador of your company always behaving with a professional and courteous attitude.


We can collect your package or documents as arranged and travel directly, via the channel tunnel to the European destination and delivery address. At time of booking, journey times and costs will be discussed. We are able to dispatch a rider at short notice to complete a same day delivery into Europe. If time doesn’t allow for a same day drop a rider can stay overnight in Europe to complete a delivery the following day.

Collections are also welcome from Europe to be delivered to the UK. Our wait and return service can also be utilised and particularly useful for urgent documents requiring a signature and returning to the originator.


At every step of the journey, you may speak to our office who will be able to tell you where your valuable packages are.

Completion of each job will be confirmed to you as soon as the recipient’s signature for the delivery has been obtained. Should there be risk of delay or anything preventing us from delivering at the time agreed we will be pro-active in communicating this to you along side doing our up most to see any lost time is recovered.


Chilled Deliveries: We provide a fast and secure courier service of products needed to be kept at chilled temperatures throughout the transportation process. This is ideal for refrigerated food and liquid samples that need to be delivered in the shortest possible time. Large cool bags with a capacity of 36 Litres are used which offer a unique multi-layered insulation system and is produced by the worlds leading manufacture of insulated products. Bags comply with BS EN 12546-2:2000 . Frozen ice packs (provided by us) will ensure the contents remain cold for hours. Please ask for this service at time of booking.


We deliver time sensitive, high priority packages and documents in large secure lockable waterproof Givi motorcycle cases. Inflatable equipment and bubble wrap for fragile items carried.

We can provide a heavy duty secure bag that uses a unique numbered tamper proof plastic seal. A signature is required before the placement of the seal at collection and a confirmation signature at delivery point before the unique seal is broken. Tamper proof bags and seals are approved and produced by a company with a ISO 9001 rating and widely used within the Postal System, by leading Couriers, Banks, Insurance Companies, Solicitors and Supermarkets.

Client confidentiality is extremely important to us so please ask at point of booking for this free service.